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Care is what carpets and soft furnishings require for a long life. Soil can be abrasive to fibres and fabrics, causing excessive wear, colour fade and permanent damage.

With a qualified, experienced and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company, the regular maintenance we can provide will enhance the look, feel and life of your investment making it look as good as new year on year. We provide quality services that you can rely on and we are 100% professional and dependable.

483109_247307205404031_684453945_nWhen purchasing new carpets, upholstery, leather, rugs or curtains we all put a lot of time and effort into making the right purchase.

This process ensures that we buy the most cost effective items that meet the specific demands we ask from them.

When manufactured, fibres and fabrics are at their best possible condition and ready to resist soiling and staining with maximum protection.

1450096_381390225329061_1263021102_nAs these fibres age, they will become less resilient to resisting soiling and spills due to abrasion caused by use and excess soil in the fibres.

Once a sandpaper effect occurs to these fibres, cleaning and stain removal techniques may not be as successful and chances are higher of permanent damage.

Using UK Carpet Care’s professional cleaning service will guarantee to improve and extend the life of the carpets.

1463709_378828822251868_572197422_nWhen we clean and care for these investments we need to understand the type of fabric, its construction and the conditions it has been used in, to be able to clean with care and to the correct specification that is required to extend the life, feel and look.


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