UK Carpet Care Limited Terms of Business


If you want to cancel YOU MUST DO THIS IN WRITING. You must deliver personally or send (including email) your cancellation notice to the company named above within 7 days of you receiving the notice.

Your cancellation will be accepted as soon as it is posted, left at the company address, or in the case of email, from the day you send it to us.


I / We have agreed that work can commence before the end of the seven day cancellation period. I / We understand that if we subsequently cancel the contract before the end of the cancellation period, I / We have to pay for the work satisfactorily completed by this date.


– A minimum charge applies to all bookings of £60.00 plus vat, until the value of the booking exceeds the minimum charge.

– Normal cleaning methods will remove general dirt and dust. Stain removal attempts is a additional service that requires specialist treatment that is not guaranteed to remove. The success of attempted stain removal will be dependent on a number of factors including age, previous attempts, dye transfer etc.

– Pet insecticide treatment may not be effective in one treatment. A second application may be necessary to remove fleas, carpet moth and other carpet pests.

– We are happy to move light furniture like chairs, coffee tables, etc. Moving heavy furniture like beds, dressers, china cabinets, sofas, etc is at the discretion of the technician due to health and safety reasons.

– Additional charges may apply if the property has restricted access and parking, or have multi-storey floor levels without an elevator or longer commuting distances to and from a domestic property.

– Prices given are based on the present condition at the time of the inspection. Unless the items have been inspected and a formal quotation has been given, any estimates are estimations on information that has been given.

– If the conditions have changed between inspections and cleaning date, and a different cleaning system is required or additional treatments are needed then additional costs will apply.

– Protection treatments may temporarily change the texture/feel of the fabric. This will return to normal after use and vacuuming.

– Please make us aware of any problem areas that could require additional PPE like Blood, Urine etc.

– We are not liable for the following- Marks appearing on the face of upholstery fabric, caused by print on the back of the fabric/or from padding or interlining which was invisible at the start of work as fixed material will not allow a inspection of the filling and backing.

– Poor fitting to carpets and age of a carpet may mean that the carpet has stretched in size that may make the carpet ripple during cleaning. Sometimes this will be temporary but will return to normal shortly after. If this is the case, we advise you have it re-stretched after the cleaning process has been completed.

– Payment is due on completion of work, invoices can be raised if it has been agreed prior to work commencing and a credit check has been confirmed.

– Payments accepted- Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card (we accept payment of debit card free of charge. Credit card payment will incur a additional charge of 1.95% of total due) Card payments can be taken over the telephone and a full receipt will be sent in the post for your conformation. We carry a mobile chip and pin card payment machine.

– If you are at all unhappy with the service that you have been provided with, you need to have contacted us within 7 days from the job being completed, for a free revisit.

– All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of quoting. If the condition of the items has changed in the 30 days including the use or service of another cleaning machine/ company, prices may vary.

– If any unforeseen damage occurs to your property you need to notify us within 7 days of job completion, anything claimed after this period of time will be invalid.

– Oriental rug cleaning service (collection and delivery) will require a 50% deposit due on collection and the remanding 50% due on delivery.

– If you cancel your appointment less than 2 working days prior to your appointment, you will be charged £60.00 plus vat. If the appointment is re-booked and carried out this may be waivered.

– Protection services add a barrier to help resist dirt and spills. This does not mean that the fibres will not absorb spills and dirt, it means that the cleaning and removal is easier if dealt with immediately.

– Wear to fibres may look darker in appearance like pile reversal, fibre loss or change of colour due to long exposures of greasy dirt.

– During the cleaning process, some hidden marks may become apparent that removal will be attempted.

Drying Times-

All drying times are approximate as different fabrics and fibres will hold on to moisture for different times in different environments.

To speed the process a combination of airflow and heat will make the drying most efficient.


System 1- 4 Dry in 0mins to 30mins
System 5-6 Dry in 1-4 hours
System 7-8- Dry in 4-12 hours.


System 1 – Dry in 20mins
System 2- Dry cleaning Solvent may take up to 24hrs to thoroughly dry
System 3- Dry in 2-6 hours
System 4- Dry in 6- 14 hours

Commercial Cleaning– We will adapt the cleaning methods to suit your circumstances that will take into consideration you’re working and operating hours. We will make you aware if your items cannot be cleaned to the high standard without causing a problem with the drying period.

Leather cleaning is ready to be used as soon as clean is completed.
Rug Cleaning will be completely dry on return to your premises.

If you feel your cleaned items are taking longer to dry, please contact us for advice or we may have the ability to provide drying equipment to speed the process.

Stain Removal Tips– Will work on most fibres and fabrics subject to pre-test

In order for you to achieve the best results in stain removal, you need to blot out or scrap up as much excess spillage as possible first using kitchen roll or a white terry towel.

For Chocolate, Sweets, Blood, Egg, Ice cream, milk, soft drink vomit:

1. Blot the area with kitchen towel or terry towel. Keep blotting until you cannot remove any more moisture. (sometimes with none sugar or sticky items this will be the only process)

2. If there are any solids, scrape up with a blunt knife without pulling the fibres.

3. Using a diluted gentle detergent (for woollen clothes, 1 teaspoon per ½ pint warm water) work from the outside to the middle of the spill by dampening a small area, then blotting with a clean towel. Work in small areas at a time, blot and do not rub, do not over wet the area. Pre test the product in an inconspicuous area for signs of damage.

4. Apply 1 teaspoon of household ammonia in a cup of warm water, dampen area and blot.

5. Dampen area with 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water and spray area, blot area, leave area covered overnight with weighted towels to absorb the moisture.

Red wine, tea, coffee, urine, liquid food, alcoholic drinks:

Follow steps 1 and 2.

3. Use 1 teaspoon of detergent for woollen clothes and one teaspoon of white vinegar in ½ pint of warm water, work from the outside to the middle applying a small amount and the blotting area.

5. From above.

Tar, Chewing gum, Shoe Polish, lipstick, fats:

Follow steps 1 and 2.

3. Use surgical spirit, working from the outside to the middle, blot the area.
Follow steps 3 and 5 from red wine stain removal.

*pre test in an inconspicuous area on all fibres and fabrics. If you would like further advise please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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