ipswich carpet care 2016We are delighted to announce that three of our experienced technicians have qualified to the high standards of Woolsafe for the safest, no risk cleaning and care for your carpets. Our company is proud to have the most amount of qualified Woolsafe Fibre care Technicians in the county.

Have you ever questioned whether your carpets, rugs, or soft furnishings should be cleaned? Many do question it and they are normally persuaded with the answer no, it’s not worth it as they are never the same again.

But the answer is YES!! They should be cleaned. But having the correct type of cleaning is the key factor to ensure the right results are achieved.

A carpet cleaner is a carpet cleaner though? Right!! No, Wrong. We all believe that if something looks cleaner then it is cleaner but when we look into it a bit deeper, we find some interesting answers.

ipswich carpet care 2016-3The most popular fibre used in carpets in the UK are Wool. Wool is extremely good at hiding soil and responds extreme well to cleaning, however it is also extremely delicate. 95% of carpet cleaners in the UK are trained normally by American systems and process from where the industry started, but the carpets are mainly man made synthetics. When the trained carpet cleaners clean a wool fibre in the UK, it looks good until a few weeks later then starts to attract dirt quickly, feels course and gritty, spills become stains and the appearance is poor. Our Woolsafe approved technicians are trained and qualified to clean wool to the set British standards to ensure that the delicate fibres are not damaged in any way. The fibres will look deeper in colour, feel softer and last longer with this type of cleaning service without the risk of damage from cleaning it the same way as a manmade fibre that will certainly cause damage and determination.

With the correct tailored cleaning processes, we can ensure that the fibres are maintained and cleaned to extend the life and keep the luxurious appearance that wool deserves.

ipswich carpet care 2016-2We not only clean and protect, but we offer a wide variety of specialist services to-

–          Carpets

–          Upholstery

–          Soft Furnishing

–          Hard flooring

–          Machine and handmade rugs – see www.suffolkrugcare.co.uk for more info.

Our specialist services include

–          Controlled area and total room odour removal

–          Stain/ dye removal

–          Moth treatments

–          Protection and finishing

–          Sanitising and anti-microbial treatments.

We are a family run business established in 2007 that are well known by manufactures and local retails for the aftercare and maintenance of your home or business floor coverings and soft furnishing.

We would be happy to help with any questions you may have regarding care for your home or business and offer free advice along with no-obligations quotations at times to suit you.