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Carpet Protectors

156336_410549245746492_1748385902_nCarpet fibres can be very absorbent and applying protection to any fibre or fabric will give a protective barrier, helping to resist soil and spills, giving your carpet, rug or soft furnishing the best chance of a long spotless life.


Natural fibres will absorb water based protectors allowing a better coating that is harder to wear away. Some synthetic fibres may not absorb the protector, so the application forms an outer layer. This will help resist spills and dirt from attaching to the fibre itself, but the protector may wear off quicker than a natural fibre.

1463709_378828822251868_572197422_nCosts are based on the weight of the carpet, depth of fibre and fibre type. To ensure the product works at its best, it’s vital that the whole fibre is coated with the protector to resist everyday use most effectively. If only part of the fibre is coated, you may find that a shadow effect occurs or if a spillage has happened you may be able to remove it easily from the top, but not the base of the fibre.

CarpetsApplication can be applied to new carpets or freshly cleaned carpets. If a new carpet is to be laid in a newly decorated room, do not worry. The process is simple and straightforward with all concentration going on applying the protector to the fibres.


scotchgardWe apply the Scotchgard protector by pressurized sprayers to allow the fibre to absorb the moisture. The carpet is then agitated, forcing the protector deeper into the fibre. A second application is then applied to fill the fibre and again agitated and then the pile is set and allowed to dry. The process only takes minutes to apply and can be used normally within 1-2 hours..


Essential Pre-inspection

Pre-inspection and identification of a few key items of your carpets are essential




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