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Curtain Cleaning

Ipswich Carpet Care Curtain CleaningCurtains are often made to order in the fabric desired to suit your home. Curtains act like filters in front of windows and doors that trap the air pollutants. When hi and low air pressures create movement the curtains trap the soils and create a fine film of dust and dirt that needs removing once in a while.

These helps to keep the fabrics looking their best and stops fade and appearance changes like yellowing or discolouring.

We clean fabrics in-situ meaning you can sit back and relax while our qualified technicians come and clean in your home.

With minimal fuss and hassle of trying to remove the curtains to take to be laundered or dry cleaned, many of our clients wish they had used our services in the past as it can be a bit of upheaval.

We utilise dry cleaning and low moisture cleaning processes to remove the build of soils that produces great results. Where fires are used regularly, soot deposits can also be removed that again brightens the fabrics bringing them back to looking stunning again.

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