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Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor1Hard flooring is generally thought to be easy to maintain and keep clean, but every now and then a deeper cleaning system will bring the tiles and grout back to life.


At UK Carpet Care we provide sealing and finishing services to all types of tiled flooring including:

• Ceramics
• Limestone
• Marble
• Travertine
• Sandstone
• Terracotta

Hard floor2Hard Floors such as these are porous and sealing them is a great way of helping to maintain the appearance and good looks, stopping dirt discolouring the tile surfaces and keeping the grout bright and clean.

Once the tiles have been sealed we will provide you with a neutral floor cleaning agent for everyday mopping. This agent does not contain the harsh chemicals often found in supermarket products and will ensure that hard floor finishes and tile glazes are not broken down or damaged.

IMG_4219Every once in a while a deeper clean may be needed to bring the tiles back to their natural finish to remove engrained dirt and doing this will make it much easier to maintain your flooring and keep it looking great over many years.


IMG_4293As all hard floors are made from different materials, porosity and absorbency varies and chemical composition differs from tile to tile, we offer a free inspection to identify the best cleaning process and sealing/finishing options.

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Essential Pre-inspection

Pre-inspection and identification of a few key items of your carpets are essential

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