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Professional Leather Cleaning

Pigmented leather is a dyed natural material and is the most common leather found in households. Due to age, wear and home cleaning, leather can dry out and crack, causing the pigment to come away.

Prevention by cleaning and conditioning will keep the leather supple and extend the life.

leather_cleaningSome cleaning agents are too harsh for certain types of leather and damage can occur from this. We are trained to identify and test leather for cleaning requirements to ensure an easy and well cared for process.

We can perform a dry cleaning method for aniline, nubuck and suede. This type of cleaning will remove surface soiling and it’s advised that regular maintenance is in place to prevent greasy soils, etc, from causing permanent staining.

The cleaning process to pigmented leather requires us to remove all loose, dry dust and soil before we apply any solutions to start breaking the soil down. We apply the correct strength of cleaning agent using a Tampico soft natural fibre brush to loosen all soiling from the leather.

We then remove the soil using terry towels and a neutralising agent to remove the cleaning solution and leave it cleaning product free. Now the leather is completely free from soil, we apply a conditioner to moisturise the leather and buff to a slight shine.

We only carry out a clean and condition as just doing a clean only can dry the leather too much causing it to crack and wear out quicker. If you have cleaned your leather, you may be taking the moisture away which is vital to extend its life.

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