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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery can be a very complex fabric, made up of many different types of fibres. These fibres need to be identified to ensure damage or problems do not arise from a cleaning process.

A good understanding of the construction and filling will prevent problems with odours, pile distortion and fraying when carrying out cleaning.

Some fibres can become brittle in water and some become stronger, this understanding will ensure that the correct method is selected whether it is a wet clean or dry cleaning option.

20131017_110537aAlthough upholstery does not suffer from having the same type of soiling as carpets under footfall, it does filter soil and dust from the air, greases from skin, hair lacquer, gels and creams therefore becoming sticky and attracting further general soiling.

Each and every time we stand up and sit down, on and off a cushion, a vacuum effect is formed, acting as a filter system. These soils are abrasive and can change the appearance of the upholstery, causing it to look dull.

With professional cleaning, the dry soil and any other greasy deposits can be removed, giving the fibres a ’back to life’ appearance.

Greasy soiling can on some fibres, cause a yellowing effect if exposed for too long. This can be permanent just like general soiling is abrasive and is important to remove regularly if you wish to keep your suite looking as good as new, year on year.

Cleaning systems

Carrying out a thorough inspection is always essential to check for shrinking, stretching, dye/colour transfer, filling materials, stain removal and strength in water to prevent any damage from occurring.

All cleaning types will start with a through vacuum to remove dust and soils from every square inch of the fabric. Once this is complete, stain removal will be carried out in preparation for the cleaning system.

Fibre shampooing
Dry Cleaning
Surface Absorption
Hot Water Extraction


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