We have recently been approached for advice on the cleaning and restoration of safety flooring. A number of commercial business premises and contract cleaners are struggling to keep their floors’ appearance looking good.

It has been found that despite the use of commercial grade cleaning products and equipment, the processes being used are not cutting through the soils and replacement of the flooring looks like the only option which is expensive. On inspection by Rob Reeve of UK Carpet Care, it had been found and confirmed that this type of flooring is simple to restore back to a good finish, however this had been met with some disbelief by potential customers. After further investigation it would appear that despite repeated attempts by in house staff and contract cleaners to restore the flooring the results have been poor, even though they have been using some very strong and corrosive cleaning products.

Because potential customers are wary and have a tendency to disbelieve that UK Carpet Care’s processes can indeed restore safety flooring, Rob likes to carry out a small demonstration on a test area to show what we can achieve with our simple non-toxic agents and safe processes. A demonstration always leaves a client with a smile – we show that they can save the flooring, removing the cost of replacement and the associated downtime from needing to relocate staff and furniture while the flooring is being replaced.

Rob is a firm believer that strong business relationships gain more customer loyalty, repeat business and in turn further recommendations etc, so in house aftercare advice and top tips are always given to our customers to keep the flooring looking better for longer.

The cost of our deep cleaning process is a fraction of the cost of flooring replacement and it is proven that after all other attempts have failed, our costs normally work out to be less expensive while achieving the correct results.

If you would like advice or help in bringing your safety flooring back to life, please get in touch to arrange a free appointment.