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Spillage Removal

The trick is to be patient and not panic.

Step One- Blot the spill until nearly dry with kitchen roll or a white towel. If it’s a large spill, gravity will draw it to the base of the fibre meaning you need to spend more time absorbing it out.

Step Two- If a water based spill has occurred, mist warm water or sparkling water to the surface of the spill and absorb. You want to break the spill on the surface and then draw it up. Repeat bit by bit to avoid pushing the spill deeper into the pile.

Step Three- Apply some Woolsafe stain remover to the surface and blot dry. Repeat this if the spill is lightening.

Step Four- Mist over with warm or sparkling water to remove any excess stain remover and blot out.
If the spill looks worse when dry, please try again as the spill may have wicked to the surface upon drying.

If the spill looks to come back over a period of time, stain removal techniques will be needed to break down the stickiness in the fibre causing dirt and dust to be attracted to the area.

Note- If a stain is in the fibre, it will not get better or worse, if it looks like it’s coming back, it’s not, it is dirt sticking to something that has not been removed in the fibre like sugar or protein, etc.

Please get in touch for more advice or to book a stain removal appointment.

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