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Stain Removal

20141016_110239If a spillage has just occurred, please see our spillage removal page for advice and tips on what to do next.

If you have had a spill and it has left a presence on your carpets or fabrics, care is required to gently remove the problem without causing it to absorb into the fibres further leading to a permanent stain. Our stain removal processes start from £30.00 + VAT and are approved for all type of fibres and fabrics subject to our testing.

20141016_105131An understanding of the type of carpet or fabric and its construction, along with the type of problem area will determine what results can be achieved.

If the spill is sitting over the fibre and has not been exposed to the fibre for a long time or has not been absorbed, then general stain removal should be successful.

We carry out a huge range of stain removal techniques to professionally deal with problem areas, but sometimes the spill could have dyed or changed the colour of the fibre.

SONY DSCIf a fibre or fabric has been dyed and stain removal techniques are not successful, we can attempt dye removal to remove the colour of the unwanted spill.

To safely carry this process out, stain removal needs to have been completed and dried to give the most effective results.

Our Emergency Stain removal service is available from just £30.00 + VAT and is proven to be very successful on most problem areas.

bloodA full stain removal process needs to have been completed to identify whether the fibres have been dyed or not. We can advise once we have established the type of fibre or fabric and determine if any prior cleaning attempts have been made.

Please contact us for advice on household stain removal processes to prevent any normal cleaning processes setting a stain in.


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