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Upholstery Protectors

1622026_425575220910561_1803347961_nApplying protection to fine fabric will help maintain its appearance, lessen soiling from exposure to grease and oils and make the removal of spills easier and more effective. Fabrics can be highly absorbent and when a spill occurs you want to know that the fabric stands the best chance of repelling the spill.

Exposure from oily, greasy hands, heads and hair can discolour fabrics which can lead to permanent damage. Applying a protection to the fibres will create a barrier that is an extra layer to help resist soiling and also mean that removing dirt by a maintenance cleaning process is easier.

This can be applied to new or freshly cleaned fabrics.

20141211_141346The process is carried out by using water or solvent based agents (subject to pre-test) pressure sprayed onto the fabric and brushed into the nap. This is then re-applied to ensure the fabric is fully coated.

Waterbased treatments are ready for use within 2 hours. Solvent based treatments are ready for use after 12 hours.


Essential Pre-inspection

Pre-inspection and identification of a few key items of your carpets are essential




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