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Wool Carpet Cleaning

Owners who have carpets that have any percentage of wool fibres should be worried about having their carpets cleaned. Why? It’s just a normal carpet, isn’t it? Any carpet cleaner can clean it, Right? The answers to these questions is NO.

PrintWool fibres have a great natural ability to withstand use and hide dirt, whilst still feeling and looking good. The cleaning of these fibres needs more care as they are delicate and as we all are aware with our clothing; you can use approved detergents to clean wools and have gentle settings on washing machines to prevent damage.

So why does that differ when it comes to cleaning carpets? It doesn’t. The problem that you have is employing a carpet cleaner and ensuring they will use the correct processes and chemistry to clean without damaging the fibres.

As a customer, all we want is for the carpets to look cleaner and then we will happily pay the company for doing a good job, but what happens when the carpets get dirty very quickly afterwards? What happens when spills that used to come out by blotting no longer come out?

Can you go back to the carpet cleaning company to ask for a refund or for it to be rectified? It’s very doubtful. But there is a way to avoid this from occurring in the first place.

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By using a company who works to Woolsafe’s British Standards, you are assured they use only Woolsafe approved products and employ cleaning techniques that have been tested and approved. These are carried out by qualified carpet cleaning technicians to avoid problems from occurring.
All types of cleaning processes have different elements that play a massive part in the end result: correct product use, correct time to let the product work, correct heat, correct agitation and of course the correct operator.


In simple terms let’s look at cleaning a 5-year-old oven that has never been cleaned before, let’s leave the oven cold, use some industrial limescale remover, a J-cloth and then wipe it over. Will that clean it? Yes, it will remove something so its cleaner!!

british-wool-logoBut would you be happy with that? The cleaning product fumes could ignite when the oven is turned on, be poisonous or damage the surface/components of the oven without us having any idea it is happening. However, you could you use someone who heats up the oven, uses safe oven cleaning products, uses the correct scrapers and pads to abrade the fats then rinses the oven, all carried out by an oven cleaning specialist who is trained and qualified not to damage your oven, meaning it will last longer without needing parts replacing quicker.
The same rule applies in floor coverings, apart from the added issue that all floor coverings are different. All fibres hold onto soils and spills in different ways so removal must be tailored to suit.

If the fibres are not tested first, getting the correct results with the correct processes and approved chemicals could be a guess that could mean permanent damage to your expensive floor covering that will not be apparent for a few weeks after cleaning.


Always use a Woolsafe approved service provider.

Problems that wool carpet owners face after non-approved cleaning has been carried out include:

  • Shrinkage- Too much moisture or heat.
  • Stretching- Too must moisture and heat.
  • Colour Fade- Heat or strong chemistry.
  • Colour migration- Strong chemistry.
  • Faster wear- Cuticle damaged.
  • More absorbent to spills and dyes- Cuticle layer of wool removed from heat, agitation or chemical.
  • Accelerated UV damage- dye sites unstable from in-proper cleaning.
  • Browning- from strong chemicals

spot-cleaning-carpets-150x150All the above can be avoided if carefully checked by a Woolsafe approved technician prior to a cleaning process being carried out.
The Woolsafe Organisation works alongside the British Wool industry to test cleaning agents and processes to ensure the delicate fibres stand up to their quality standards. Only Woolsafe approved technicians and services providers have access to this information by completing their intense training and passing their exams. A Woolsafe technician will have expert knowledge about the fine fibres to clean them safely and effectively, all recommended by manufactures of quality Wool carpets

So, if you would like to make sure your carpets are cleaned correctly to ensure they feel good, look good and last longer, please get in touch with us and we will pop by and carry out an inspection with a free no-obligation quotation.

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Arrange a Free Quotation

Contact us today to arrange your free carpet cleaning quotation

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