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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whether you would like to maintain the appearance, remove excess dirt or restore a carpet, we will be able to tailor a method of professional carpet cleaning to suit your requirements.

In simple terms, the dirtier a carpet, the deeper the clean, the more expensive to restore. If maintained regularly your carpets will grow old with you, but stay looking good year on year.

Our Free inspection and quotation visit only takes a few minutes of your time, but is proven to be a good and essential step if you would like full costs and expected outcomes outlined without a pressured sales pitch.

The most cost effective way to remove a light build up of greasy dirt in a quick easy process. Drying times for these methods are extremely quick if not instantly dry and ready for use.

Our four maintenance systems include-

System 1 – Encapsulation cleaning (PDF)

System 2 – Bonnet crystallisation (PDF)

System 3 – Dry cleaning (PDF)

System 4 – Bonnet absorption (PDF)

For full processes please see the PDFs attached above.

System 1 - Encapsulation:
System 2 - Bonnet Crystallisation:
System 3 - Dry Cleaning:
System 4 - Bonnet Absorption:


These methods are tailored to each and every carpet and the conditions they are exposed to. For certain fibres like loop pile, or cut pile twists, they can be sensitive to the form of agitation used during the process.

Sensitive fibres may have loose dyes that can still be cleaned correctly, but need an expert’s experience to provide the best quality finish.

Regular maintenance is recommended yearly by carpet manufacturers if a fine look is required year on year.

These methods are all approved by British Standards PAS 86.

Please contact us for a free inspection, quotation or booking.

Our correctional cleaning methods are most popular to those who have waited until they can see a built up of dirt before removing it.

At this stage, the fibres will have dirt further down the pile meaning a more intense cleaning process is required. Removing dirt, spills and other unwanted debris as well as freeing and releasing the fibres, these methods produces some amazing results.

The way the fibres are cleaned will be determined by the type of fibre and its history to ensure a lasting result.

System 5 – Rotary Fibre Shampooing (PDF)

System 6 – Hot Water Extraction (PDF)

For full processes please see the PDFs attached above.

System 5 - Rotary Fibre Shampooing
System 6 - Hot Water Extraction

Restoring cleaning methods are designed to deal with extreme soiling, contamination or poor appearances. These methods can produce impressive results from situations like old age and heavy wear or following an escape of water.

Contamination from body fluids etc. These methods really can restore and remove even Browning from carpets due to excess water. The processes are tailored to the carpet in question to ensure the best possible outcome.

System 7 – Combination Rotary/ Hot water Extraction (PDF)

Choosing the correct type of cleaning agent to break down the characteristics of the problem in the carpet. The agent is applied by rotary machine with the correct board.

This is worked deep into the base of the carpet allowing the cleaning agent to dissolve the particles that have caused the problem. After a short time, the broken down problem is then neutralised and removed out of the carpet through a Hot Water Extraction process.

This will neutralise the original cleaning agent and rinse away any possible residues to ensure the results last. Sanitising treatments are used with this type of process for contamination issues from viruses and bacteria.

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